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Stories of Our Travels

A Spicy Jamaican Honeymoon
A Relaxing Catskill Mountain Getaway

A Magical Disney Vacation
A Memorable Visit to Pittsburgh
A Scenic DownEast Maine Vacation
Experiencing Spain's Culture & Heritage
A Trip to Cleveland…a Remarkably Friendly City

A Spicy Jamaican Honeymoon

Hi my name is Edyta, our Inventory Control Specialist. In late August of 2004, I took a romantic honeymoon to sunny Jamaica with my husband, Dave to celebrate our recent nuptials. The experience provided once-in-a-lifetime memories for us. It was truly paradise. Every single day was sunny, warm, and pleasant. A feeling of pure relaxation overcame us as we gazed into the clearest blue waters we had ever seen. The sunsets were breathtaking. Dave and I would sit, sipping Pina Coladas in a hammock on the beach for hours on end just engulfing ourselves in the beautiful tropical scenery.

While visiting Jamaica, we went snorkeling for the first time. I have a fear of going underwater, but to my pleasant surprise, it was a memorable experience that I truly enjoyed. There were such a large variety of activities in Jamaica; it was a blast choosing what to do. Some of our favorite activities were sailing, jet skiing, and Catamaran cruising. After months of wedding planning, we were sure to indulge in a well-deserved massage; it was after all, our honeymoon. We stayed in Couples Negril resort, which is an absolutely beautiful resort located right on the waters of Jamaica, mon! The food was great, the people were great, and the drinks were great…I would recommend it to anyone.

This trip was truly a once in a lifetime experience; we couldn't have been happier with our choice of honeymoon destinations. I am so glad that we picked Jamaica as our destination and Couples Negril as our resort. It was an unforgettable experience, discovering pure paradise with my husband!

A Relaxing Mountain Getaway
Hey, Charlie here…I am a computer guy here at GoldenTravelGuides. I am in charge of Electronic Marketing and Office Operations. I am going to tell you about a wonderful summer getaway that I took with my wife, Barbara.

We recently traveled to Hunter, NY. It was a lovely summer afternoon. We stayed at Scribner Hollow, a true Catskill gem. The sun gently shone on us as we enjoyed scenic vistas of Hunter Mountain from our balcony. Scribner Hollow truly offers the traveler a vacation rather than just a place to stay. The staff was friendly and attentive and truly made us feel at home. Being in the travel industry myself, I was really impressed with the level of service that the resort maintained during its off-season (Hunter Mountain is primarily a winter/ski resort area, so to receive this level of service during the summer was great).

Because the resort is quiet during the summer months, it made a perfect oasis for my wife and I to enjoy some alone time together. We went swimming, enjoyed fabulous food, but our favorite times were spent just relaxing and taking in the fresh mountain air. We live just a few short hours from Hunter Mountain, so we drove there. I highly recommend driving to anyone who it makes sense for. We passed through quaint towns with stunning Victorian architecture, meandered down scenic country roads past deep valleys and large mountains. We even passed by mountain bikers and families enjoying hikes together; it was just such a great atmosphere that I would recommend you consider the Catskills and Scribner's Hollow when planning your next vacation.

A Magical Disney Vacation
My name is Sylvia and I am the Group Sales Director here at GoldenTravelGuides. This past fall, my family and I traveled to Orlando, Florida home of the famous Disney World Resorts. I have been to Disney many times, but this time was particularly special because I was able to share this amazing adventure with my immediate family and extended family. Seeing the joy on the faces of my loved ones made this such a wonderful experience.

We were there during the hurricanes of 2004 however we weren't really affected too much at the resorts. The weather was warm and sunny and the wonder in the faces of both the children and adults made the trip unforgettable. If I had to choose one word to describe our vacation, it would be "Amazing."

The atmosphere was perfect - gentle breezes and swaying palm trees surrounded us. The whole area truly invoked feelings of amazement. We took peaceful walks on the beach, spent relaxing afternoons in a hammock or sleeping in a beach chair, and quiet afternoons walking along the beach. This relaxation was much needed as we were busy with a myriad of super fun activities throughout the majority of our trip. We went swimming, shopping, park-hopping, boating, and watching fireworks, laser light shows, and parades. And, of course we had some really great park adventures too!

It was so cool to see the different Disney Resorts up close. Each resort was very different from the next. They have resorts designed to fit the needs of all families. We stayed in the Disney Wilderness Lodge. The Resort had lots of tall pines that made you feel as if you were up North somewhere. The pool was awesome; it had a replica of Old Faithful that would erupt right in front of you. The building was log construction and had a great fireplace in the lobby. The Wilderness Lodge is set in the perfect location. You can take a boat directly from the Lodge to Magic Kingdom.

We also stayed at Disney's Polynesian Resort. We stayed at the Concierge level and absolutely loved it. It is a must for families. The Polynesian features a Lilo & Stitch tropical feel. The Resort offers easy access to the parks by tram or boat (to Magic Kingdom & Epcot), or a bus to the other parks. Its proximity allows you to get into the parks easily, even if it is just for a single event or show. The Resort offers the best of both worlds with a lake and a pool. We also loved the restaurants on property at the Polynesian.

The absolute best part of the vacation was enjoying watching all of the smiling families, including my own, make lasting memories together.

A Memorable Visit to Steel City
My name is Paul and I am a Travel Writer for GoldenTravelGuides. I am going to tell you about a really noteworthy trip that I took to Pittsburgh. Although it was winter in Western Pennsylvania, the cold was very mild; it wasn't that bone-chilling cold that keeps you bundled up in the house. It was chilly in a very enjoyable way. The days were the kind where strolling along the boulevards wrapped in a scarf and hat was almost magical. It was the holiday season so the streets, homes, and businesses were festively decorated.

I shopped in the Strip District where produce and other foods come in by ship and are sold by local merchants. This was a really cool experience, like no other shopping district that I have ever seen. Although a major city renowned for its steel, it is surrounded by beautiful mountains. On the trek out there from my hometown in Northeastern Pennsylvania, I passed through some really beautiful Pennsylvania countryside. Pittsburgh itself is situated in a valley, which I attribute to some of the mild temperatures. The week I spent there was especially significant in my life because it was spent with someone very close to me at the time.

One of the most interesting parts of my trip was riding the incline where I was able to see Three Rivers Stadium from above. Three Rivers Stadium derived its name from the point near downtown Pittsburgh where the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers join to form the Ohio River. This three-decade-old legendary sports stadium was destroyed in 2001, making my memory of it all that more treasured.

Dale Carnegie lived in Pittsburgh during the time that I visited and there were many libraries and buildings that were dedicated to his honor, carrying his namesake. As a writer, that was the highlight of my trip.

A Scenic DownEast Maine Vacation
Hi, my name is Jessica and I am our Marketing & Public Relations Director. During the summer of 2004, my husband and I went to the rugged coastline of Maine to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. We had the most amazing time; let me tell you about it.

We drove from our home in Pennsylvania, so it was a bit of a hike, but well worth it. We rented an oceanfront cabin near Pemaquid Point. While there, we explored up and down the entire coastline. We thought Pennsylvania had a lot of countryside…until we visited Maine. The entire state is just such a serene place; it has an unbelievable amount of natural, undeveloped open space.

We chose to go to Maine because of the romantic affinity we have always had for New England's rocky shores, and our desire to see Acadia National Park. Acadia National Park hosts Cadillac Mountain, the highest mountain on the East Coast north of Brazil as well as countless other exquisite landscapes. The park is situated around Bar Harbor, Maine's quintessential Victorian town that is dotted with colorful gingerbread houses, charming shops, and delightful restaurants and bed and breakfasts. We visited gardens, mountains, carriage roads, and sparkling lakes in Acadia.

Outside of Acadia we visited at least twelve lighthouses, shopped in Freeport, home of the original L.L. Bean store, as well as exploring countless towns along the entire coastline including Rockport, Rockland, Camden, and Old Orchard Beach to name a few. Old Orchard Beach resembles the Jersey shore; it is colorful, has food vendors of all varieties lining the wide, people-filled streets, and has folks of all ages gathering for sunny afternoons on the white sandy beaches (just about the only white sand beaches in all of Maine).

We also visited Calais, the Northernmost town on the East Coast, Eastport, the Easternmost city in the United States, Lubec, the Easternmost town in the U.S., and East Quoddy Head Light, the Easternmost point in the U.S. Pretty cool, hugh?!

This was a phenomenal vacation. The coast of Maine is a must-see for everyone! It is perfect for couples and families alike. Be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes and a windbreaker (there is usually heavy fog and even in August it is a bit chilly).

Experiencing Spain's Culture & Heritage
Hi, I'm Nichole, a Travel Agent at GoldenTravelGuides and a Group Sales Coordinator. Each summer I travel to Spain to visit my grandparents. There are no words that could accurately describe Spain during the summer. It is warm and sunny with an absolutely perfect climate - it is not a dry heat, nor is it humid and sticky. It is just perfect.

The architecture is out-of-this-world; the country is dotted by stone homes, castles, and a stunning coastline. The whole aura in Spain is so different than here in the United States. Everyone there is very laid-back and relaxed. This worry-free lifestyle is so invigorating, especially coming from the Northeastern United States where our daily life is filled with hustle and bustle. Visiting Spain truly fulfills the meaning of vacation.

Unlike any place I have ever seen before, Spain's coastline is actually in the countryside. There are quaint streets running through this mountainous region where goats and cows can be seen roaming down the middle of the road. It is so unbelievable! The most unique part of visiting Spain is that I feel as though I am in another place and time.

While vacationing there, the coolest things that I did were swimming, mountain climbing, touring the castles, and taking a tour of a cave. Each were unique and memorable experiences, especially because I had the great pleasure of sharing these once-in-a-lifetime experiences with my family. My family is extremely close and they are very into our Spanish heritage and culture, which makes these trips all that more interesting.

A Trip to Cleveland…a Remarkably Friendly City
Hi, my name is Elaine and I am a Travel Agent and Package Specialist at GoldenTravelGuides. I develop interesting and unique theme packages (spa packages, murder mystery packages, and ski packages, to name a few).

This past fall I went to the friendliest city on earth, Cleveland for a combination business and personal trip. The weather was warm, the sky was cloudy, and the drive to Ohio from Pennsylvania was just perfect. I stayed in the beautiful Embassy Suites in an oversized two-room suite. The hotel had great breakfasts and offers free cocktail hours daily.

It was an easy six hour drive down Interstate 80. While in this wonderful city, I had the pleasure of seeing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the House of Blues which were unbelievable. These have to be my favorite attraction I saw while in Cleveland. The cityscape was really cool too; like none other I have ever seen. It is home to numerous renovated industrial buildings.

The city, which invoked overwhelming feelings of emotion in me, sits serenely along the southern shoreline of Lake Erie. The museums were fabulous and truly moved me. I was overcome by sentiments of nostalgia while visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, amazement while touring the Natural History Museum, and love and inspiration at the Museum of Fine Arts.

I also stopped by the Pickwick & Frolic Comedy Club to check out a show, which was absolutely hilarious. I had dinner at "Cooperstown," Alice Cooper's restaurant, which was unbelievably cool. Because I traveled to Cleveland by car, I had the opportunity to take a self-guided driving tour of this magnificent city. This was especially intriguing because I was able to see an old city that has come back to life with the downtown revitalization and the deep-rooted Rock and Roll history.

Saving the absolute best part about Cleveland for the end of my story, I can not stress how incredibly friendly everyone was. Everywhere in the entire city that I went, everyone was so amiable. Even people on the streets would smile, say hello, and go out of their way to hold the door for you. I would go back there in a second. Each time I think of Cleveland I smile thinking about the warm hospitality that shone throughout the entire city. What an extremely memorable city and trip!