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Vacation Tips: Help Selecting a Resort

We can assist you in choosing a resort that is perfect for you by helping you to identify a few key factors that should impact your choice of resort. There exist hotels and resorts that will parallel the needs of every traveler whether you are a family, honeymooners, single travelers, business travelers, sports-lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, food and wine connoisseurs, or solitude seekers.

The Ritz, the Plaza, the Waldorf…nice places. These famous hotels rank among the world's most opulent places to stay, but does being luxurious necessarily make a hotel the best? Or the best choice for you?

The Objectives of Your Trip
The first thing to do is to give some real thought to what the true objective of your trip is - are you looking for a fun-filled vacation, a relaxing getaway, a romantic rendezvous, or do you have another goal in mind?

Price Range & Location
You also need to figure out what price range you want to be in as well as the type of location you are looking for - the beach, the mountains, the desert, or a bustling city.

Activity & Amenity Selection

It is very important for you to consider what activities and amenities are offered on-site at each property, as well as in the areas directly surrounding the resort you are considering. For example, you need to identify your priorities - a pool, shopping, nightlife, water sports, golf, spa services, casino gambling, separate children's programs, or something else.

Your Personal Taste
Are you a history buff who loves classic country inns? A discriminating traveler who wants a small, extremely catering boutique hotel? Are you an astute and sophisticated traveler who desires nothing less than the best in luxury travel and accommodations? A real family type who seeks the most activity-oriented resort possible?

Classic Resorts vs. All-Inclusive
All-inclusive resorts have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are the perfect choice for the traveler that wants the ease of dining at restaurants, grabbing a drink at a poolside bar, ordering room service, or spending an evening in a lounge without worrying about carrying cash. All taxes, gratuities, overnight charges, amenities, and meals are included in most instances (be sure to inquire about specifics from each individual hotel). All-inclusive resorts are perfect for the traveler who is seeking to stay on property at the resort during the majority of their vacation.

If you have decided that an all-inclusive is for you, be sure that the all-inclusive you choose will meet your expectations. These properties are not all the same, some may only offer one restaurant where all meals are served in a casual restaurant that offers hamburgers, fries, or tacos and serve drinks out of plastic cups, while others will have five restaurants that serve up a wide array of cuisine, five course gourmet dining, champagne, and premium brand drinks served on a whim wherever you are in the resort, at any time. Does the resort have room service, laundry facilities?

An a la carte resort offers travelers the flexibility of dining off-site at town restaurants, enjoying the nightlife and taking in the hustle and bustle of a nearby city, and partaking in activities and sightseeing adventures that are offered outside of the resort property. You will need to bring travelers checks or cash because everything will be pay-as-you-go. This is perfect for those seeking to make last-minute impromptu decisions about what to see and do each day.

Time to Make Your Decision
Next is the fun part - deciding which resort is best for you. The greatest challenge is narrowing down the thousands of choices to just one…the perfect one for you.
It is like going on a shopping spree where you get to pick out all of your favorite accessories, but you can only just one complete outfit. Tough choice, but a fun one, and in the end, you will surely be pleased with the decision you make, if you take the time to do it right.